Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice

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As IDP and SCD Programs implement reflective practice as a core part of their work, there is much we can learn from each other.  Join the Reflective Practice discussion to share your ideas and learn from others!

Workshop Materials

Dr. Vanessa LaPointe has worked with IDP and SCD Programs on the topic of reflective practice.  Over the course of 3 workshops, Dr. LaPointe has taken us from concept to implementation.  To revisit the content from these workshops, click on the links below for each power point presentation***

*** Please note that these handouts are intended as a supplemental resource for people who have taken this workshop.  It is recommended that the content they contain only be used within the context presented at the workshop.  If you wish to explore an individual workshop with the presenter, please contact The Wishing Star, LaPointe Developmental Clinic directly.  
Articles & Resources

Here are some articles about reflective practice, how to do it,  how it can be incorporated into support and supervision, and it’s benefits.  The articles on reflective supervision also include some very useful strategies for general reflective practice.


The articles below on Family Centred Practice were discussed & referenced by Dr. Vanessa LaPointe during the reflective practice workshops.  The practices identified in the articles form the basis for ones’ self reflection.

The continuum toward family centred practice involves moving from:

  • professionally centred → family allied → family focused → family centred

Research has shown that to reach full family centred practice, one must effectively use both relational and participatory practices to empower families.

Learn more in the articles below!

If you need help paying for training or workshops, check out the provincial IDP-SCD Bursary in Professional Development! To find Job Postings, go to Lower Mainland Programs.
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