SCD Resources

SCD Resources

This page contains information and resources specific to Supported Child Development Programs (SDP).

SCD Provincial Policy

SCD is funded by the BC Government Ministry of Children & Family Development.  The Ministry sets policy that, under their contracts for service, SCD follows.  The SCD policy can be accessed by clicking the link below:

MCFD Policy for Supported Child Development Programs

SCD Support Guide

SCD Consultants use the Support Guide to gather information about each child, family and child care programs priorities, needs and existing resources.  There are currently 2 versions of the support guide available and used by SCD Programs.  The user guides for each version can be accessed through the links below.  If you would like to access the forms for each version, they can be found at SCDP-BC under Resources.

July 2014 Note – the SCD Programs in lower mainland are currently reviewing both of these versions with a view to create a single Support Guide that corresponds to the new Waiting List Priority Tool (see next section).  Additional information will be posted on the website as this work is completed.

Waiting List Priority Tool

When SCD Programs in Coast Fraser have waiting lists for service, whether Consultant or extra staffing supports (where needed), a weighted waiting list model is used.  In this model, criteria aligned with provincial SCD policy are used to determine the priority of each request.  lower mainland SCD Programs use the same criteria and forms, allowing for consistency for families and child care programs in each community.  To access materials for the Waiting List Priority Tool (WLPT), click the links below:

Sept 2014 Note – as mentioned above, the SCD Programs in lower mainland are currently reviewing the 3rd and 4th versions of the Support Guide to create a single Support Guide that corresponds to the Waiting List Priority Tool.  Should any changes be needed to the WLPT as a result of the work on the Support Guide, updates will be posted to this site.  

In September 2013, lower mainland SCD and ASCD Programs trained all Consultants in the region on the new tool.  The power point presentation and a question and answer document developed during the sessions can be found at the links below.

Cross Boundary & Transfer Protocols

While SCD Programs work within the borders of a specific community, families do not always live their lives this way.  A family may live in one community, but choose to have their child go to a child care program in the community they work in.  Families may also move between communities.  When either of these situations occur, SCD Programs follow a common set of protocols and use specific forms.  To access these materials, click on the links below.

Universal Child Care in BC

In early 2018, the Government of British Columbia began to implement a plan to provide publicly (government) funded child care in British Columbia.  Called Child Care BC, the plan is to be implemented over a 10 year time frame.  As SCD Programs work with so closely with the child care programs working with children who need support & their families, knowledge of this change and how it is happening is important information.  To learn about the plan for the shift to a Government funding child care system, and to see steps toward this system as they are implemented, you can access more information at the links below.

  • Child Care BC – The Path to Universal Child Care – the Government of BC document outlining their plan for universal child care and how they will accomplish implementing it
  • Child Care BC Website – where families, child care providers and others can learn about the parts of the program in place or coming.
  • – Ministry of Children & Family Development website.that includes announcements about steps in implementing universal child care
If you need help paying for training or workshops, check out the provincial IDP-SCD Bursary in Professional Development! To find Job Postings, go to Lower Mainland Programs.
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