The Continuum of Assessment

Over the past 2 years we have talked a lot about assessment, the different types of tools to assist with assessment, their various purposes and when it is appropriate to use more formal assessment tools.  The continuum of assessment, from informal to formal, was highlighted in the 2011 regional inservice workshop by Dr. Vanessa LaPointe.  Click here – Contemporary Assessment of Young Children*** (informally known as Assessment 101) – to review the power point slides from the workshop.

*** Please note that these handouts are intended as a supplemental resource for people who have taken this workshop.  It is recommended that the content they contain only be used within the context presented at the workshop.  If you wish to explore an individual workshop with the presenter, please contact The Wishing Star, LaPointe Developmental Clinic directly.

As discussed in this workshop, formal assessment is a complex and controversial process, sometimes difficult to reconcile alongside the values that guide IDP and SCD.  To learn more, access the articles below.  IDP and SCD Policy also include specific standards for the use of assessment tools.  Click the Program Resources and the IDP-SCD Policy pages for more information.

Assessment Tools Used in IDP & SCD

Depending on the needs of the child and priorities of the family, IDP or SCD may utilize an assessment tool.  Assessment tools commonly used in IDP and SCD, information about them and website links for each are listed below.

  • Development Assessment of Young Children, 2nd Edition – DAYC-2 (standardized assessment).  For more information, click on the link below (note – there is no current information sheet for the DAYC-2).
DAYC-2 Orientation & Implementation

IDP and SCD Programs have begun working toward using the DAYC-2 in situations where a standardized assessment is needed.  In May & June 2014, Consultants and Coordinators participated in an orientation to the tool presented by Michaela Wooldridge from the IDP Program of Sources Community Resource Centres.  Click on the links below to access the power point from the orientation and a suggested list of resources:

DAYC-2 Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about administering the DAYC-2?  Click on this link – DAYC-2 Questions and Answers – Update #3 – to access questions asked by others, along with the answers.

If your question is not included in these, please ask your coordinator to email it to one of IDP or SCD regional advisors.  We will be compiling the questions and sending out the answers once a month over the summer and fall of 2014.

The Q&A document here will be updated at the same time as we distribute the new information.

If you need help paying for training or workshops, check out the provincial IDP-SCD Bursary in Professional Development! To find Job Postings, go to Lower Mainland Programs.
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