What is the FOPP?

FOPP, the Framework of Professional Practice, identifies occupational competencies and the corresponding knowledge, skills and abilities needed by Infant Development, Supported Child Development, Aboriginal Infant Development and Aboriginal Support Child Development Consultants.  Originally written in 1998, the FOPP was updated in 2013-2014 based on input from all 4 programs, trends and changes to the work in the past decade as well as research-based best practices.

There are many ways that FOPP can be used.  In addition to including the Framework in your programs policies and procedures manual, try one or more of these 3 ideas:

  1. As you engage in reflective practice, look at the FOPP functions and performance indicators for your work.  What are you doing?  What do you want to focus on in your learning?
  2. At staff meetings, use FOPP to identify training needs for your program as a whole.
  3. If you are a new Consultant, use the FOPP as a guideline for your on-the-job learning.  What are the core functions for your work?  What strategies can you use to learn ‘how to’ do each of these functions?

There are some ‘hot topics’ in the framework – areas that we have focused on in regional in-services, that your programs are talking about or that have been updated to reflect new ‘best practice’ information.  The framework can give you additional information and ideas on these topics.  Check out:

  • Reflective Practice – Activity 8b & 10 (practice area – professional practice & accountability);
  • Assessment – Activity 2a & knowledge specification #6 (practice area – learning & support);
  • Family Centred Practice – activity 3b & knowledge specification #1 (practice area – family centred practice);
  • Cultural Safety – knowledge specifications #4 (practice area – cultural safety with Aboriginal families/children) and #5 (diversity & cultural sensitivity);
  • Home Visiting – functions 1 & 2 (practice area – home visiting);
  • Supporting Child Care Programs – functions 3, 5 & 6 & knowledge specification #2 (practice area – inclusion)

To access the FOPP, click here – Framework of Professional Practice 2014

If you need help paying for training or workshops, check out the provincial IDP-SCD Bursary in Professional Development! To find Job Postings, go to Lower Mainland Programs.
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